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About Our Springerle Cookies

Springerle (SPRING-uhr-lee) is a type of German Cookie with an embossed design made by pressing a mold onto rolled dough and allowing the impression to dry before baking to preserve the detail.

Their origins can be found in the 14th century in southeastern Germany and Switzerland. The name means little knight or little jumper. Historians trace these cookies back to the Julfest, a celebration intended to bring on a mild winter and good fortune, where the poor would offer cookies stamped with pictures. Scenes from the Bible were some of the earliest images portrayed on the Springerle molds, used to educate those who could not read. As time went by the cookies reflected the themes of holidays, family celebrations, and scenes from everyday life.   

Ivy Hill Springerle Cookies require three to four days to complete. They are handmade and hand painted, so each is an individual work of edible art. The traditional Christmas flavor is anise, but we have adapted that to be able to offer a variety of tastes. Our most popular are citrus flavors of Lemon, Orange, and Lime. We hope you enjoy this unique treat!

Our Springerle cookies will last for months in an air-tight container. Because we do not use artificial preservatives or shelf-life enhancers, we recommend that our cookies be enjoyed within a few weeks of purchase. And because we use no preservatives, please remove cookies from the cello bag for long-term storage.


If you wish to preserve your cookies for ornaments or keepsakes, remove them from the packaging, place them someplace safe and let them air dry uncovered for approximately three months. They will become quite hard. Display the cookie on an easel or glue a loop of ribbon to the back and hang as an ornament.




An Allergy Warning


If you have a nut allergy, please do not eat our cookies. Our Springerle cookies are created in a kitchen that may also process common food allergens including eggs, milk, nuts, nut oils and wheat flour.